Uninode® Suite Components


Uninode® is a framework for global type definitions and object identities, like Unicode for data. Read More


Edgescript® is a general purpose scripting language, integrated with Uninode®. Read More

There is a GitHub repository for some core classes and interfaces. Read More


UNQL is Uninode® Query Language, for querying data sources using Uninode® and Edgescript®. Read More


Nodelab is a client and server framework for visualization and analysis, using Uninode®, Edgescript® and UNQL. Read More


Unizone is a set of standard Uninode® and Edgescript® definitions.


Powerpilot is software for financial analysis, based on Nodelab.


Attentics is the study of and AI analytics software for attention.


Intentics is the study of and AI analytics software for intention.


Studiolab® is patented music composing software, integrated with Uninode®, Edgescript® and Intentics. Read More

The current version can be found on App Store. Read More

Net Daler

Net Daler is a special purpose currency.


Data Access

Uninode® is framework for global protocol definitions, and it can be used for organizing any type of data anywhere. There are methods for storing and accessing database data, but any data source can be used for organizing and publishing data, using the Uninode® format.

Uninode® includes access rights management in addition to normal industry access rights methods, allowing access restrictions for individual data points.

Uninode® Id

The Uninode® Id concept allows for global identities to be used across different systems, integrating data from different sources. This opens the door for collaborative virtual or augmented reality projects, including both industrial solutions and various games. Uninode® class definitions, together with the dynamic behavior of Edgescript®, can also be used as a wrapper around various distributed services, including cloud services, machine learning processes and asynchronous mathematical calculations.


Global class definitions can be shared between different projects and clients. Some core class definitions are already defined. Read More


There is a GitHub repository for a Java implementation of some core classes and interfaces. Read More


Uninode® Suite is currently a proprietary framework, owned by Demagic AB, and used in various Java, Javascript and iOS projects.

Uninode®, Edgescript® and Studiolab® are registered US trademarks.

Associated domains include uninode.org, uninode.com, uninode.net, edgescript.org, edgescript.com, edgescript.net, unql.org, unql.com, nodelab.org, nodelab.com, nodelab.net, unizone.org, powerpilot.com, attentics.com, intentics.com, studiolab.eu and daler.net