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Uninode® Suite

Uninode® Suite consists of these parts

  • Uninode® is a framework for global type definitions and object identities, like Unicode for objects
  • Edgescript® is a general purpose scripting language, integrated with Uninode®
  • UNQL is Uninode® Query Language, for querying data sources using Uninode® and Edgescript®
  • Nodelab is a client and server framework for visualization and analysis, using Uninode®, Edgescript® and UNQL
  • Unizone is a set of standard Uninode® and Edgescript® definitions
  • Powerpilot is software for financial analysis, based on Nodelab
  • Attentics is the study of and AI analytics software for attention
  • Intentics is the study of and AI analytics software for intention
  • Studiolab® is patented music composing software, integrated with Uninode®, Edgescript® and Intentics
  • Net Daler is a special purpose currency
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Uninode® Edgescript® UNQL Nodelab Studiolab®

Uninode® Suite is currently a proprietary framework, owned by Demagic AB, and used in various Java, Javascript and iOS projects.

Uninode®, Edgescript® and Studiolab® are registered US trademarks.

Associated domains include uninode.org, uninode.com, uninode.net, edgescript.org, edgescript.com, edgescript.net, unql.org, unql.com, nodelab.org, nodelab.com, nodelab.net, unizone.org, powerpilot.com, attentics.com, intentics.com, studiolab.eu and daler.net